These are some pages I wrote while I was with BYU's Field School. There is everything from a log of the time I spent in Jordan to silly pictures on site.  I hope to add a couple more pages soon.  Hope you enjoy.

Petra Excavation (April & May 2005)

  • Daily Log This is most of the log I kept in Jordan.

  • Petra Trip (April 29, 2005) Pictures of the city of  Petra.

  • My Site (May 1-15, 2005) Pictures of me digging on site.

  • Monastery (May 6, 2005) Pictures of the Monastery Al-Deir in Petra.

  • High Place (May 13, 2005) Pictures of the upper most parts of Petra.

  • Bayda (May 20, 2005) Pictures of Bayda and Little Petra.

Petra Excursion (April 19-22, 2009)

  • Coming Soon!

Palmyra Excavation (April 24- May 23, 2009)

  • Coming Soon!

Apamea Excavation (May 24- June 18, 2009)

  • Coming Soon!