The Monastery

Pictures from my trip on May 6, 2005.

This is a tomb much like the Khazneh that I got to see on our first trip.

It was later cleared and made into a monastery.

It was then abandoned and lived in by the Bedouin.
When the British saw the building they made everyone leave and its been protected from that time.

These are pictures from the inside compartment. You can see the altar in the back ground.

This is sort of how the hike began.

There were plenty of interesting sights on the way up to the monastery.

This is where our Bedouin family lived before they were forced to move to Uhm Sihun.

After we saw the monastery, it wasn't to far to a look out point of the Wadi Araba.

The sight was breathtaking and sort of reminded me of Eagle's Nest.

Pictures thanks to Heike Buhler & Jennie Kitchens.