Hey, these are a couple of films I made in college.  They are pretty silly, so you've been warned.


Death of a Printer  go to Large View
April 2004

This was my first film. I had just purchase my first camcorder and was practically willing to film anything. So when Nathan said he was going to throw his printer off a balcony, I of course brought the camera along. It was finals week, and Nathan had decided to put an end to this less than reliable printer as soon as his last paper was printed.  As you see, we got a little carried away. Runs 3 min 57 sec. 

The Prank  go to Large View
February 2005

This is a prank my apartment and Seth played on another apartment.  We had just been inspired by another prank video and were brain storming ideas.  We came up with some pretty far-fetched ideas, as you'll see.  As a disclaimer, we didn't really use toilet water to make the jello.  We just made it look like we did to gross out the guys we were pranking. Runs 10 min 28 sec.

Saturday's Woes go to Large View
April 2006

This is probably my best work to date. We originally made this to enter into a contest.  My whole Family Home Evening Group was involved. You'll enjoy this most if you've seen Saturday's Warrior.  It is a mock preview for a parody called "Saturday's Woes."  You'll also find references to Johnny Lingo, Napolean Dynomite, Princess Bride. Runs 6 min 31 sec.