My Site(May 1-15, 2005)

This is one of the two sites we're excavating. This is the one I'm currently working on.

It may not look like much now, but wait and see.

I'm setting up for my time exposure shot.
This may not be the best picture of me, but you can see that I have two arms, two legs and am alive in general.
To the right is Dr. Johnson, the guy in charge of the excavation.

And this is us taking a break. A granola bar and a little iodine water. Notice my blue jeans.

Excavation can be a tedious process. We have to record and graph features as we go.

You can see the progress we've made over the last couple of weeks. We do one 1x5 meter trench at a time.

To the right you can see our 5x5 meter square completely excavated. (May 12, 2005)

Dr. Johnson believes this is the face of Hippocrates or the Egyptian god Horus as a child.
Hippocrates watches us excavate everyday, but he's not the only one...

Jennie with the goats
As you can see goats like to visit us often. We even got a visit from a blue lizard, which is both rare and lucky.

Most of the time we just find lithics and pottery, but sometimes we find onions(see right.)
I once pulled 39 onions out of a 1x1 meter square alone.

This is us sweeping out the last square in the trench.(left) This was our last day working with Julie(right: red shirt center).
We will be shift to working in the tomb beginning the 15th.

This is everyone in my crew, except Jennie who was sick. Bottom row- Me, Alvin, Maria. Top- Megan, Heike

The Hike

These are some common sights on our hike to site and back everyday.
In the center is the staircase that leads right up to my site.

In the center you can see a set of steps that was carefully carved into the sandstone path. On the right you can see the shape of an elephant.
Pictures thanks to Julie MacDonald, Jennie Kitchens, & Heike Buhler.