The Interior of the White Tower

White Tower Interior

This is the inside of the White Tower, which has been turned into a museum.

StaircaseToiletNorman Fireplace

These are some shots of the original features of the tower. The Tower's Construction began 1078 thanks to William the Conquerer.  The Normans needed a stronghold to protect them from the inhabitants of London.  The Tower was finished in 1087. The stone was imported from France. Directly built into the walls, as you see, we have a staircase, lavatory, and Norman fireplace.

The Chapel of St. John's

The Chapel of St John This chapel  was part of William the Conquerer's original contruction plans. This still  functioning chapel is one of the better preserved  sections of the Tower.  It is an example of  Anglo-Norman architecture.  This chapel has seen a lot of uses over the centuries, and in later history was used to store state records.
St John's Chapel close up

The Armory


The National Armory is also located in the White Tower.  In former times these arms would have had a practical purpose. Now they are displayed in exhibits to help visitors learn about the past.  Above guns displayed in the armory.


Armory contains a variety of weapons dating back to the time of King Henry VIII.

Suit of armorSuits of Armor

Some of the more interesting exhibits are the suits of armor.  There are a variety of styles and sizes.

Suit of ArmorAsian Armor

On the left(above) is smaller armor for princes.  On the right is Asian armor made for James I.

Armor on horseArmor and Horse

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