The Tower Grounds

The Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge

The Tower Birdge was completed in 1894. Its motif is meant to blend in with the nearby Tower of London.

The Outer Walls

Tower Entrance: Middle TowerOuterwall- west

The Tower Entrance today is the Middle Tower shown on the left. London is quite the mix of the old and the new,
 as seen in this view with the historical Tower of London and Modern Swiss Re tower in the background.
The right pictures the outer wall and Beauchamp Tower.
WallTraitor's Gate

To the left is a picture of St Thomas' Tower.  It was first built between the years 1275-9 to provide a gate to the water front.
 The shaped slits are for archers and the like.  It's most notable feature(right) is the fact that its arch has no key stone.
 The gate(right) is known as Traitors' Gate.  This is where Sir Thomas Moore and Queen Anne Boleyn passed through
 before they were executed.

The White Tower

The White Tower

The White Tower is the central feature of the Tower of London. To see the interior click here.

Jewel House

Me outside the Jewel HouseBeefeater guarding Jewel House

On the left is me standing right outstide the Jewel House where the Crown Jewels are kept and displayed.
 On the right is a sentry guarding the entrance to the Jewel House.

Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula & The Tower Green

St. Peter ad Vincula & Tower GreenBeefeaters outside of St Peter ad Vincula

St. Peter ad Vincula or St. Peter in Chains is a chapel that was built in 1519 under the direction of Henry VIII.  
It is also the resting place of  Thomas More and Queen Anne Boleyn. The Tower Green,
 which is also visible on the right, is to the south of St. Peter's.  It is the execution spot for Queen Anne Boleyn.  
To the right you will also see the two yeoman warders (beefeaters) in "undress" uniform.

The Ravens

West wall of White TowerRavens

Ravens are also kept at the Tower of London to accommodate a legend that says when the Ravens leave the Tower,
Briton will fall. Their wings are clipped so that they won't fly away.  They are housed to southwest of the White Tower.


The remants of the Coldharbour Gate are also visble in thes photos.